Electrical Troubleshooting & Repairs

Contact us for swift, reliable electrical repairs to keep your home or business powered and safe.

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Keep Your Power Flowing

We specialize in diagnosing and resolving electrical issues, ensuring your property remains up to code and functioning optimally.

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Electrical Repairs for Homes & Businesses

Lighting Repairs

Restore light to your space with our expert lighting repairs, from flickering bulbs to faulty wiring.

Outlet and Switch Repairs

Ensure safety and convenience with our repairs for faulty outlets and switches, preventing electrical hazards.

Panel Upgrades

Keep your electrical system up to code and handle increased power demands with our panel upgrade services.


Our experienced electricians will pinpoint the source of your electrical issues and provide tailored solutions.

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Very prompt, very efficient and very reasonably priced! We will definitely call for future electrical needs! Thanks for your service!

I highly recommend this company. They're efficient & do an amazing job. They exceeded my expectations. Great job! Rick, you are awesome.

The entire staff is professional, courteous, super knowledgeable, and take the time to explain what they are doing when you ask questions… they rank in some of the best people I have worked with!

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Why Choose Kreistrom

Fully licensed & Insured

1 Year Work Warranty

Exceptional Customer Service

Decades of Industry Experience

Why Choose Kreistrom

Fully licensed & Insured

1 Year Work Warranty

Exceptional Customer Service

Decades of Industry Experience

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Electrical Repairs

What are the signs of electrical problems?

Flickering lights, tripped breakers, buzzing noises, and burning smells are all potential signs of electrical issues.

What can I do to prepare for your visit?

You can prepare for your repairs by clearing the electrical panel and any areas of concern of items and debris. Other than that, just sit back, relax, and enjoy your new upgrades.

Do I need a permit or inspection for repairs and troubleshooting?

No, safety regulations do not require a permit or an inspection to work on the existing wiring of any home. Only additions to existing wiring and panels need to be permitted.

What are your cleanup procedures?

We make sure the work area is safe, clean it up when we’re done, and leave it looking like we were never there.

Will I need to be present while you rewire?

It’s completely up to you if you want to be present while we work on your building’s wiring. We’re comfortable working with or without you present, whichever option you prefer the most.

Will I lose power while you are doing repairs?

Yes, your power will be temporarily shut off so the electrician can work safely while repairing the affected areas of your building. Make sure you’re prepared and plan to accommodate the electricity being out.

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