About Us

H2 Decoration


To be an industry leader in knowledge, reputation and quality. Our main focus at Kreistrom Electrical & Controls is to bring the best services and products to our customers while providing exemplary standards to every job.

H2 Decoration


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The entire staff is professional, courteous, super knowledgeable, and take the time to explain what they are doing when you ask questions… they rank in some of the best people I have worked with!

H2 Decoration

Our Values


Our work is our showcase and every job will be finished to the standard of work we expect in our own homes. Using the best material and brands to ensure satifaction at every level.


Our team will strive to finish all projects within the budgeted time and you will never have to wait on us to get the job done.


We wanna build a sense of trust within the community and our clients. Bringing our absolute best  on and off the jobsite. Honesty and transparency when quoting our jobs.

H2 Decoration

Meet the Team

Rick Kreis

Rick Kreis

Master Electrician

Rick has 30+ years experience in the Electrical Field, working on everything from residential new builds to Renovations. Rick has an extensive knowledge in motors and controls. He has been working on refrigeration electrical and controls for over 25 years as well as mechanical and electrical for overhead cranes, computer controls, boiler controls and home automation. Rick has been a business owner for the past 13+ years and has just recently started this new venture with his son Mitchell.

Rick loves soccer and can be found most weekends cheering on Manchester United. Rick spent the last 25 years raising his 3 sons with wife Lisa and coaching the boys in competitive soccer.

Mitchel Kries

Mitchell Kreis

Red Seal Journeyman Electrician

Mitchell has been 10+ years in the electrical business completing his Electrical Apprenticeship under his dad, Rick. Mitchell has experience in all aspects of the field Residential and commercial wiring, refrigeration – Electrical and Controls, Oil and Gas – wiring tailing barges and home automation. Mitchell is excited to be starting his own business with his family.

Mitchell loves soccer, golf and spending time with his partner Laura and their baby girl Valyn. He also enjoying going on hikes with his husky Sabre.